Is there any better way to say ‚Welcome to Thuringia!‘ than a nice Thuringian barbecue-party? ISWI e.V. and bi-club would like to introduce their projects to you and enjoy the last sunbeams with you.

The Welcome-Barbecue gives you the opportunity to get to know your fellow students before you get devided into your seminar groups on Monday.

We would like to have a pleasant evening with you on the lawn between House H and I. Music is provided by the hsf student-radio. We also offer vegetarian food.

We look forward to seeing you!

Event information

When? Sunday, 30th September
Time: 5 pm
Where? between house H and I

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What is the ISWI?

“ISWI” is the abbreviation for "Initiative Solidarische Welt Ilmenau" (Initiative for a World of Solidarity Ilmenau). It is a student association, which was founded by students to foster tolerance, understanding among nations and an international attitude.

Their biggest project is the “International Student Week in Ilmenau” (shortened also “ISWI”).

Compared to similar projects, the international student conference of the ISWI e.V. is the biggest one in Germany. It takes place every second year at the "Ilmenau University of Technology". During the 10 days of ISWI, hundreds of young people from all over the world with different cultural backgrounds will get to know each other and share their point of views. The purpose of the intercultural dialogue is to improve tolerance and open-mindedness among guests and local people. The participants will have the opportunity to exchange their experiences and views, to discuss about current issues and to develop ideas and possible solutions for the discussed problems. There are also many cultural events like open air concerts or film shows, where all participant get to know eachother.

The topic of ISWI 2017 was "Global Justice- A Fair(y) Tail?". 380 participants visited Ilmenau from 12th May to 21st May to experience and to look at all the aspects of justice.

To master the challenges of such a big event, all assoiciations on campus work together with the help of as well a lot of individual students.

Appart from the ISWI-week, the ISWI e.V. also organises a lot of small events like the "kitchen run", small lectures about travels abroad or current crises and discussion rounds.

Are you curious? Then look for more information on their website www.iswi.org or come by at their office in the basement of house A (room 017). Most of the time someone is there to welcome you...and they have cookies!


You can find the offical Programm for the Master Instruction week here