ErstiWoche Ilmenau

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What is the ErstiWoche?

To welcome the new bachelor students an orientation week takes place every October at the TU Ilmenau. In this week there are a lot of cultural and leisure events. All of these were combined within the term ErstiWoche. They should help you to become more familiar with the town, your fellow students and the university. Fun and joy are guaranteed!

You are a master student? Then you should go to the introduction days for master. When you begin your master studies in Ilmenau, you have completed your Bachelor studies and you don´t need such an intensive introduction program. Nevertheless you can participate in every event during the ErstiWoche.

Who organizes the ErstiWoche?

The ErstiWoche is planned and organized by students for students. We call ourselves ErstiWochen-Orga (short-form: EWO) and we are a working group of the Student Council of the TU Ilmenau (short-form: StuRa). During the ErstiWoche you can recognize all members of the EWO by the orange ORGA-Shirts. 

What can you find on this webpage?

On this page you will find information about the separate culture and leisure events during the ErstiWoche. Furthermore you can find helpful links and tips for the apartment search or the englisch ErstiGuide for example. Also you can inform yourself about your tutors.


You can find the offical Programm for the Master Instruction week here