Photo processing

Photo consents for press and public relations work in accordance with the Basic Data Protection Ordinance (DSGVO)

During our events as part of the ErstiWoche of the Student Council of the TU-Ilmenau (StuRa) according to ยง6 Abs. 1 e,f DSGVO photos of the guests will be created and stored.

These can be edited, copied, archived or deleted hereafter.
In the sense of communication via electronic media, such as the ErstiWoche website and the social media channels of the ErstiWoche and the StuRa, the photos may be used for the following purposes on Facebook and Instagram. In addition, photos may be distributed by third parties such as newspapers and television channels.

The dangers that arise from publishing photos on the Internet are search engines may find these photos, the lack of opportunities to completely delete photos on the internet, misuse by third parties, as well as the risk of possibly inadequate legal protection in the event of misuse of the photo outside the EU.

If you do not wish a picture to be taken of you, please make this clear to our photographers. Our photographers are marked with appropriate badges.

Our photographers are advised of the following:

  1. The badge must be worn openly around the neck in order to always be recognizable.
  2. The making of secret or concealed photographs is not permitted. If this is not otherwise possible for artistic purposes, the person concerned is to be informed immediately afterwards.
  3. The privacy of the person concerned is not to be recorded.
  4. Photographs showing discrediting or discriminating situations are not permitted.
  5. Photographs should not give any indication of religion, health, political opinion, sex life, sexual orientation or similar.

Basically applies:

Common sense should be used and the consent of the person concerned should be obtained in case of uncertainty.