What is the ErstiGuide?

The ErstiGuide is a small brochure which you will receive during the introduction week. This should make your start in Ilmenau easier. It provides you with all the necessary information for the start of your studies, so that you can settle in quickly and easily in Ilmenau. In the first part of the booklet, you will receive some tips about life in Ilmenau and basic study matters. We also introduce ourselves again and you will find out who is behind the Student Council (StuRa). The second part contains information about your student council and your faculty.


Abbreviation Meaning Abbreviation Meaning


 Academic Service Centre

 FAK EI Department Electrical Engineering and Information Technology


 big lecture hall in Humboldt-building

 FAK IA Department Computer Science and Automation

 Bi 13

 Room 13 in Bionik-building

 FAK MB Department Mechanical Engineering

 C 108

 Room 108 in Curie-building

 FAK MN Department Mathematics and Nature Science


Curie-lecture hall in Curie-building

 FAK WM Department Economics and Media Science



 BES Basic Engineering School

 H 1520b

 Room 1520b in Helmholtz-building

 ELMS e-academy License management System

 HU 201

 Room 201 in Humboldt-building

 FakRat Faculty Council


 small lecture hall in Humboldt-building

 FSR Student Council of the Department


 Fraunhofer-Institute for digital mediatechnology

 G-/U-Woche Vorlesung  Seminar takes place only in even / odd calendar weeks


 Institute for Microelektronic- and Mechatronicsystems

 GIG Joint engineering science basic studies

 K 2032

 Room 2032 in Kirchhoff-building

 PA Exam office

 LdV-Hs 2

 Leonardo Da Vinci-lecture hall 2

 SAP Semester beginning party

 Oe 109

 Room 109 in Ökonomikum

 SoSe sommer semester


 University Computer Centre

 StuRa Student Council

 Z 1037

 Room 1037 in Zuse-building

 WS winter semester

There are two different types of final exams: Exams (P) and certificates ("Scheine"/"Studienleistungen", S, Sb). The first mentioned are the most important ones and are subject to many conditions by examination regulations. All of the second type end with a graded or non-graded certificate and they are not bound by these rules, e.g. the number of repeat examinations.

Registration for exams / exam registration

At the TU Ilmenau you have to register for every exam you want to take in the current semester in a period of time. This period lasts two weeks at the end of each semester. You can find the dates for the next semester under 'important dates'. For certificates (S, Sb) no registration is required, but you can register if you want to. However, it may be easier for the Examinations Office to prepare a sufficient number of copies of the examination papers. Please check your study plan (curriculum) before you register and observe the deadlines. You must register in the Thoska+ system via Thoska+ terminal or via Thoska+ card reader.

There may be some courses that you cannot register for, such as non-technical electives that are not directly included in your curriculum
(curriculum). In this case you will find the special form in the Thoska+ terminal or on the website of your examination office. You can search for subjects under the following path. 'Student Set' ! 'Select a Department' ! 'choose your course of studies' !

Deregistration / Examination cancellation

You can cancel your registration in the same way as you registered until four days before the exam (including weekends). Without negative consequences. Remember that the exams have deadlines.

Re-examinations / repeat examinations

If you failed your exam on the first attempt, you will have one retake for each exam. You must have completed them two semesters after the first attempt and you must have registered them. For a limited number of exams you can take a so-called "second repeat exam". ("second repeat examination"). You will find the special regulations in your PO-BB (Examination Regulations - Special Regulations). However, they differ from the 1st repetition: You register by filling out a form at the examination office in combination with finding a date for a meeting with the professor. This examination takes place in the form announced by the professor (oral or written), but you can register for an oral examination. If you do not pass the second repeat exam, you will be removed from the student register ("exmatriculation").

Examination Deadlines / Examination Deadlines

When you plan your exam registration, you must take into account the deadlines. First you must have registered for each exam for the first attempt by the end of the prescribed period of study plus four semesters (e.g. for a Master's degree with a prescribed duration of three semesters to the seventh semester). It must be completed by the last day of the semester, i.e. by March 31 or September 30. If you have not made your first attempt by this date, you will receive the grade 5.0 (failed). The same happens if you miss the deadline for retake examinations after the first attempt of two semesters. In this case, however, you must take the second attempt at the next examination time.

Free attempt / Free attempt

Despite all these regulations there is a small bonus, the so-called 'free trials'. ("free attempts"). You can use them if you have taken your exam up to the regular semester in your curriculum but have not passed it. This means that your repeat exam counts as your first attempt - you will receive another attempt to pass this exam. In addition, there are "grade improvement attempts" that you can also use for regularly taken exams after you have passed them. When you take the exam for the second time, the grades are compared and you get the better one. For both types of bonuses, you must register at the Examinations Office with the appropriate form before the deadline for retakes. The number of free attempts and attempts to improve the grade depends on the length of the regular study period.

Illness / Disease

Sometimes you cannot take your exam because you have fallen ill. In this case, visit a doctor and get a medical certificate. You need it to prove that you were unable to take the exam. You have to bring this certificate to the examination office immediately or send it together with an appropriate form. You can find this form on the websites of the examination offices as 'Attestmeldung'.

To find your courses, you have two options:

1. The e-event calendar called Open-Timetable:

Here you can easily get an overview of all courses and when they take place. You can filter by course of study to find those that are relevant for you.
You can find the page here:
and a manual can be found here:

2. The personal timetable is called Timetable:

Here you can choose the courses you want to attend and create your personal timetable. However, you have to login with your TU-Ilmenau account.
You can find the page here:
and a manual can be found here:
Sometimes it is very useful to have a free room available, perhaps for study groups or to practice a presentation with your fellow students. Most of the seminar rooms at the university are equipped with blackboards, overhead projectors and beamers. Free rooms can be found under Option 4 (Week): Room occupancy within a week (see Open-Timetable Handbook). Good rooms for small groups are located in the Kirchhoff Building (K), Humboldt Building (HU), Helmholtz Building (H) and Curie Building (C) on the city campus. You also have the possibility to use the rooms in the cafeteria and in the library.

The Thoska card is our versatile student card in Ilmenau.


Get the Thoska

According to the current status, first-year students can receive their student ID thoska after arrival in Ilmenau during the office hours of the Student Secretariat in the ASC.
The card can be picked up at the following times:

  • Monday, 02.10.2023, 09:00-11:00 a.m. and 01:00-03:00 p.m
  • Tuesday and Thursday: 12:00 - 2:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 09:00 - 11:00 a.m. and 01:00 - 03:00 p.m. (only until 30.10.2023)


In addition, your Thoska is a semester ticket for trips on trains in Thuringia, for which you paid with your semester fee. You can find more detailed information here:

Cashless payment

Thoska can also be used for cashless payment of copies, laundry and in the dining rooms. There are a couple of machines on campus to recharge your card: three in the cafeteria, one in the computer center, one in the library, one in the X-ray building and one in the Humboldt building. You have the choice between recharging with your bank card or with banknotes. There are also some grey blocks that show you how much money you have left on your card - you can find them under the monitors in the foyer of the dining hall. It is possible to use any of the cash desks in the dining rooms ("Mensa"), Mensa-Cafeteria, Grill Room, Cafeteria in Humboldt-Bau and the Nanoteria with Thoska. Simply place the card on the pads in front of the cashier*in. Two cash desks are marked with the orange Thoska logo and there you can only pay with Thoska. Check your money before you enter. Please show your Thoska each time you are at the cash desk to prove your student status. If you want to copy something in the library or on campus, you can use the copiers in the corridors of many buildings. There is a separate docking station. Please follow the instructions of the copying system. You can also access these copiers from the computers at the university (e.g. in the computer center) in the same way. Select the documents you want to print and go to the printer station and select them in the docking station. Laundry on campus is only available when paying with Thoska. You will need 1,- Euro for each use of the washing machine or dryer.

How does this actually work with the Uni-WLAN?

Internet is available in different ways. On campus there is free university WLAN. You can use it as soon as you have registered for the first time at the University Computer Center (UniRZ). There you will receive a login with your student ID, which is valid for your e-mail address and the university WLAN. All information and an explanation how to set it up can be found on the pages of the UniRZ. Until your registration at the UniRZ you can also use the temporary access during the first week. You will receive the password for this at the welcome event at the latest.

Those who live in the dormitory on campus can join the Forschungsgemeinschaft elektronische Medien e.V.(FeM). This gives you access to the FeM-Net, which is one of the largest student dormitory networks in Germany and is managed by students themselves. There, all computers are connected to each other and one surfs via the connection to the computer center. The admission fee to the FeM e.V. is 25€, the membership fee 40€ per semester.

How does it work with the Studium Generale and languages?

The Studium Generale, for those who have to take it, can be taken flexibly during the study period. This means that you have to take a subject that is not directly related to technology or your studies. You will find out which subjects are available in the first week. The Founder and European Studies are special concepts of the Studium Generale, which every student of the university can take in extended courses.

The situation is similar for languages. Every student who finds a note in his or her study plan must complete a language during his or her studies. Other languages can be taken voluntarily.

Hotels and pensions

Name Place
Hotel Tanne Hotel Tanne is located in the Lindenstraße at the end of the pedestrian zone
Hotel am Kirchplatz Centrally located, right next to the church
Hotel Ilmenauer Hof Out of town direction BAB 71
Hotel Mara The Hotel Mara is centrally located in Ilmenau opposite the train station.
Berg- und Jagdhotel Gabelbach In the forest and a few minutes away from Ilmenau is the mountain and hunting hotel.
Hotel Thüringer Wald The Hotel Thüringer Wald is located in Manebach.
Hotel "Zur Sonne" Right next to the town hall there is the hotel "Zur Sonne".
Hotel Melanie garni The Hotel Melanie garni is located in the direct vicinity of the city center.
Pension Risch The Pension Risch is located in Manebach.
Pension Am Waldesrand Another sleeping possibility in Manebach is the Pension Am Waldesrand.
Jugendherberge The Ilmenau youth hostel is located at the tunnel.

Where can you wash laundry in Ilmenau?

In Ilmenau there is both a launderette and on the campus the possibility of washing laundry in the cellar of house A, E, K, N and P.

Heidi's SB Waschsalon is open from Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 21:00. Normal laundry costs 3,50€ (including washing powder), drying costs 1,00€. You can pay with coins and banknotes up to 20€.

In the dormitories you can wash with your student card. Laundry and drying costs 1€ each. The washing facilities are open in the basement of the houses from 07:00 to 22:00 o'clock. You have to bring your own washing powder to the dormitory

Where are the pharmacies in Ilmenau?

On the website of the city of Ilmenau there is an overview of pharmacies. In case of emergency there is always a pharmacy open.   

Where is the residents' registration office in Ilmenau?

The residents' registration office in Ilmenau is in the center of Ilmenau (Am Markt 7). It is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8.30 to 12.30 and Tuesday and Thursday from 13.00 to 18.00.

Studierendenwerk and housing associations

Name Description Contact
Studierendenwerk Thüringen The Studierendenwerk Thüringen is your contact point for a place in a hall of residence. It is always worthwhile to submit an application, even if all places are taken, because you can still move up if someone doesn't want your place after all. ☎ 03677/ 69 1917
Housing cooperative society Ilmenau/Thuringia registered association the WBG is one of the two housing societies in Ilmenau and rents dwellings among other things in the residential areas "city", "at the tunnel" and "Pörtlitzer height". ☎ 03677/ 2052 0
Ilmenau housing building society ltd. The second housing company is the IWG, which rents among other things dwellings in the residential areas at the tunnel, at the calibrationicht and Pörlitzer height. ☎ 03677/ 8855 0

Important online portals

Name Contact
Sale/ Search Ilmenau
TU Ilmenau Group

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